The Life and Times of an Average Graduate Student


Welcome dear reader, if you don't know howzit is South-African slang for how are you or what's up. Even more South-African would be to say Howzit China, yes like China the country. Something you may know is that I'm Henno and on the right you can see me running in the beautiful woods of Finland. Apart from running, what could considered an unhealthy amount, I study the atmosphere and the interesting processes in it. I'm particularly fascinated by severe weather and the impact it has on socio-economics. My studies have allowed me access to some cool technological stuff, this has led me to become an avid GNU\Linux user and I've started learning some programming languages, while not an expert by any means I have an inquisitive nature and I'm a very avid learner. My interests spread beyond these things obviously. I don't question your motives for being here. If you just Googled me you can find some topics here to bring up during a conversation and I sincerely hope you like what you see.

Disclaimer. This blog was created in the hope to my share my data, code, knowledge (or lack thereof) and get critiqued in the process. I will post some personal viewpoints here, random scripts that you should never use (I don't take any responsibility for what you do with my useless code) and you should never take me seriously. This site was created using Jekyll and Github, you can literally clone the site as is and host it yourself if you want to, but that would not be nice. Be original.

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