More about me
I am a geo and spatial science graduate student, Debian GNU\Linux user, open-source advocate, runner and dog lover. I did my undergraduate in environmental science with a focus in geography and zoology, I further specialized in Geography and I am currently busy with my master of science degree with a focus on severe weather forecasting. I’m navigating this strange new world of programming, blogging and sharing. Bare with me.

Bsc. Environmental Science
NWU Potchefstroom, 2013
Concentration: Geography and Zoology

Bsc. Honors Geography and Environmental Management
NWU Potchefstroom, 2014
Concentration: Remote Sensing, Air-Pollution, Numerical Weather Prediction
Dissertation: The numerical simulation of the 28 November 2013 extreme hail event over Johannesburg

Msc. Environmental Science
NWU Potchefstroom, 2018
Concentration: Remote Sensing, Numerical Weather Prediction, Synoptic Climatology
Dissertation: Characteristics of hailstorms over the South-African Highveld
Supervisors: Dr. Roelof Burger, Prof. Stuart Piketh & Dr. Cindy Bruyere

Current: Phd. Environmental Science
Concentration: Numerical Weather Prediction, Cloud Microphysics, Cloud Dynamics, Anthropogenic Air Pollution
Dissertation: Anthropogenic Impacts on Severe Convective Events over the South-African Highveld
Supervisors: Dr. Roelof Burger & Prof. Stuart Piketh