I recently downloaded Ubuntu on a new pc for my family, in my quest to convince them of the usefulness of Linux, I wrote a little script for them to use when downloading photos from their cameras instead of going through the tedious process of clicking a mouse 25 times. If my attempts to actually get them into the Linux system works is another question.

#Author: Henno Havenga
#This is a quick and dirty Canon EOS download script from the SD card reader

#Name of file = download date
date=$(date +%Y_%m_%d)

cowsay -f gnu "Welcome"

read -p "Photos will be saved under Pictures/$date/70D. Press ENTER to continue "

#Make directory
mkdir -p ~/Pictures/$date/70D

#Copy photos to new directory, when done open directory
cp --verbose /media/ubuntu/EOS_DIGITAL/DCIM/100CANON/* ~/Pictures/$date/70D

cowsay -f gnu "All Done"

read -p "Photos saved to /Pictures/$date/70D. Press ENTER to open the folder "

nautilus ~/Pictures/$date/70D &&

exit 0

To make the file an desktop shortcut was actually more effort then I thought. You have to create the following in the Desktop directory under something like Canon_Downloads.desktop and add the following to its contents

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Download RWFL photos from Canon 70D
Exec=bash -c ‘~/Programs/bash_scripts/GetPhotos70D.sh’

The last think is to make sure both the bash and the .desktop is executable. To make a executable just do

chmod +x inputfile

And now it’s just a double click away