Starting a serious blog was on my mind for some time before I finally got around to it. In 2015 as part of a communication class we had to create a blog where we would write our assignments, no one in the class had any experience with blogging so we all naturally started the blog on WordPress, something everyone was sort-of familiar with. It was kind of okay, no one actually read the blog outside class and after the semester ended the blog died a sudden death.

A year later the urge hit me again to create my own personal online space. This urge was initiated by observing the effectiveness of one particular blog. I was also getting deeper into GNU\Linux, modelling and coding, sometimes solving problems that I could not find solutions for on the web and I wanted to share all this. I decided to revisit the old blog, which was not exciting at all. I had a juvenile name for my blog and I was dreading the web interface. My enthusiasm was however strong and I pushed forward and revamped the blog. After some initial posts and adding pictures it was kind of okay, but I was not happy with it. I however made peace with it.

Enter Jekyll. Late 2017 I stumbled upon a Jekyll site, heaven knowns why it took me so long. I installed the Jekyll and did a Jekyll serve and there it was. I was impressed. I started tweaking the default minima theme from my command line and within a couple of hours I had a decent thing going, but most importantly I felt in control. As I gained momentum I decided to look for a real domain (.com/ My name was not yet taken, it was pretty cheap and I reckoned that I might as well do it anyway to prevent someone from buying it and using it as a spam site so I just went for it.

In order to make this blog actually reflect me and to really accomplish my goals for starting this blog I decided to make a list here with some blogging resolutions:

  1. Be consistent, as with all things in life
    • More specifically, write regularly.
  2. Share as much things useful as possible.
  3. Keep it simple stupid:
    • If it feels cluttered, it is.
    • Keep the site static and fast.

As this blog evolves, it will hopefully become a more informative and interesting. That’s all for now.

Check out the Jekyll docs for more info on how to get the most out of Jekyll. File all bugs/feature requests at Jekyll’s GitHub repo. If you have questions, you can ask them on Jekyll Talk.